October Top 10 // what I’ve been listening to lately


It’s that time again for another monthly playlist. This time for spooky season we’re celebrating with an ominous and somber set of songs. (The Spotify playlist is at the end of this post.)

Tele Novella – Umbrella at the Station

Spotify’s recommendations are pretty spot on most of the time. I came across this song as I was building this playlist which lead me to check out this album, which is a really good indie pop album. I put a Voxtrot song in the beginning of my last playlist and this time I’m starting out another one with a band that consists of a few of the members.

“No need to put it into words  / ’cause I know what you heard.”

Free Cake For Every Creature – Talking Quietly of Anything With You

This is an artist from one of my favorite record labels, Double Double Whammy. I like the majority of the bands on that label, so it was no surprise when I stumbled upon Free Cake For Every Creature that I would like their sound too. This one is another indie pop  band that I started listening to this month that I have really liked. Although I wanted to make this a somber playlist, a lot of her songs are feel-good indie pop songs.

“Music under the door, / we’re not old but we’re getting older. / What will we keep on our coffee tables? / We’re getting older.”

Cloud Cult – The Ghost Inside Our House

I mentioned this in a previous playlist, but I have been listening to Cloud Cult for years. They’re one of my favorite indie rock bands.

“We saw a ghost inside our house / or was it wishful thinkin’? / Oh god, don’t leave us by ourselves / or we’re bound to take up drinkin’.”

Dead Man’s Bones – Buried In Water

This one is from Ryan Gosling’s band that he formed with his friend, Zach Shields. Their background is pretty neat, and I would recommend checking out their wiki article: Dead Man’s Bones. In summary, they write love songs about ghosts and monsters.

“Down under the ground / there’s a town there. / I’ve been down there / in the middle of the lake. / I hold your hand, for goodness’ sake.”

Portishead – The Rip

Back in 2008 and 2009 I had a playlist that I had made on my MySpace page. This song sat alongside The Killer’s Romeo and Juliet and Hoobastank’s The Reason. I always come back to this album when I’m feeling nostalgic.

“And as I take on myself / and the bitterness I felt / I realize that love flows.”

Mark Pritchard and Thom Yorke – Beautiful People

I will listen to anything Thom Yorke is in.

“I’ll smile careful / to know you’re there (in the morning light) / and I am fearful.”

Philip Selway – Ghosts

The drummer from Radiohead, Philip Selway, has two solo albums that I recommend checking out. They’re very calming and relaxing albums to listen to, especially on rainy and stormy days.

“Is there someone there watching as I sleep? / I’ve woke and I struggle to breath. / Something weighed me down, riding on my back. / Ghosts, ghosts, a crowd at my windows and doors.”

Little Dragon – Gravity

I’ve been listening to Little Dragon for years, but I haven’t listened to their most recent songs until this past month and they’ve been on repeat since.

“Let’s be old fashioned, were all using telephones. / Will you call me tonight, boy?”

The National – Guilty Party

I love The National’s sound. They are an alternative rock band that have been around for almost 20 years. Their most recent album, Sleep Well Beast, is mournful and funereal like most of The National’s past albums.

“You’re sleeping night and day. / How d’you do it? / Me, I am wide awake / feeling defeated.”

The Microphones – I Felt Your Shape

I took a walk listening to his latest album (A Crow Looked At Me, under the moniker Mount Eerie). He had just lost his wife to cancer and wrote an album on everything he had felt during that time. By the end of the walk it had me in tears. I highly recommend checking that one out. This album that I Felt Your Shape is on, Glow Pt. 2, is the first one I listened to of his. All of his albums hold a special place in my heart and I highly recommend listening to all of them.

“But I don’t know, the nights are cold / and I remember warmth. / I could have sworn I wasn’t alone.”

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top 10 for September // September Playlist


Here’s a new playlist for the month of September. Check out the full playlist at the bottom of this post and let me know what you guys have been listening to lately in the comments or on my Instagram: healthy_ghost.

  • Voxtrot – Ghost
    • I recently discovered them and have been listening to this album on repeat. I also love listening to indie pop while walking places; I listened to this album while I was walking to the grocery store last week. The lyrics are haunting, contrasting the instrumentals. Definitely check this album out.
  • IAN SWEET – Slime Time Live
    • I listened to this album the other night while I was making dinner for some friends. For me this is a fun, relaxing album to listen to.
  • Palehound – If You Met Her
    • An album that’s lyrically and instrumentally beautiful.
  • Foxing – Den Mother
    • Another band I’ve discovered recently. I love the percussion in this song, plus I love a good album with some strings in the background.
  • Archy Marshall – Ammi Ammi
    • I’ve been listening to King Krule (and when he was formerly known as Zoo Kid in 2010) for the past few years, and just discovered this album under his name, Archy Marshall. This one’s a lot more experimental than his other albums.
  • Mitski – Francis Forever
    • Mitski has become one of my favorite musicians recently. Her lyrics are sad and beautiful, and the album as a whole is wonderful.
  • Death Cab for Cutie – I Dreamt We Spoke Again
    • I’m a month late to listening to this album, but I’m glad I finally did. I’ve loved Death Cab for Cutie since high school, and it’s amazing they’re on their ninth studio album and they’ve grown so much.
  • Department of Eagles – Phantom Other
    • I listened to Grizzly Bear in high school and even went to their concert with Owen Pallett a few years back. This album just reminds me of cold winter nights in the woods.
  • Radiohead – Spectre
    • I’ve been getting back into Radiohead lately, especially since Suspiria and the soundtrack for it is coming out soon.
  • Keaton Henson – The Pugilist
    • Keaton Henson is another one of my favorite singers. His songs are all so full of emotion. I missed this album when it came out, but discovered it while looking him up on Spotify. This is the perfect album to listen to while home at night and it’s storming outside.

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