What I Ate Today // vegan food and vlogging.

I uploaded a YouTube video today! It’s another What I Eat in a Day video, plus a few clips of us picking up Let’s Go, Pikachu at the end. Here’s a written version for some of the recipes.

Breakfast: chocolate and blueberry pancakes. 

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Here’s the recipe I based them off of: Blueberry Vegan Pancakes.

I halved the recipe since it was just for me, added about 2tbsp of cocoa powder, and I made a quick oat milk since we’re out of milk. I made it by blending 1/4 cup of oats and about 3/4 cup of water. I didn’t strain it or anything since it was just going into the batter. I also didn’t use sunflower oil; instead I used 2tbsp flax seed meal and 3 tbsp water, and I had to add a little water to the batter because mine turned out really thick.

Lunch: white rice, dumplings, and spinach. 

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I’ve made these before on this blog, and I just love them. These are some dumplings that you just have to pan fry and add water to steam. I ate five of those with some spinach and white rice.

Dinner: Tofu scramble on toast with more spinach. 

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I had some leftover tofu scramble that I made into an “egg salad” with lots of hummus and spinach.

I also ate a few snacks throughout the day. Check out the video above to see them and subscribe if you like my videos: ParanoidNoAndroid.

Pumpkin Hot Chocolate // easy vegan recipe

I uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel on how we made some pumpkin hot chocolate. We filmed it for one of DJ’s classes, but I used some of the footage to put a YouTube video together. Here’s what we used:

  • Silk Chocolate Soy Milk (about a cup)
  • 2 spoonfuls of canned pumpkin
  • 1/2 cup of water (add it to taste, I like my hot chocolate consistency to be thin and not super sweet)
  • a small handful of dark chocolate dairy-free chips
  • vanilla extract
  • pumpkin pie spice
  • a little more cinnamon, even though it’s in the pumpkin pie spice
  • Dandies Vegan Marshmallows to top it with.

This made about 3-4 servings.

This was also the first time I used Adobe Premiere. I was using iMovie before and wasn’t able to correct the color like I wanted to. It’s going to be fun to learn how to properly edit videos and make them look professional.

Like I said in my last post, I’ve been adding pumpkin to everything and I thought this quick drink we put together turned out nice. Let me know if you guys have been on a pumpkin craze lately too, or if you try making some of this pumpkin hot chocolate.

make a stromboli with us // vegan

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A few nights ago we cooked up a vegan stromboli. We filmed the process for one of DJ’s classes, but I used some of the footage plus some of my own to make a video to post on YouTube:

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We used:

  • Pizza dough (this is a family recipe that I have sworn to take to the grave. There are tons of vegan pizza dough recipes out there, though!)
  • Spinach
  • Daiya provolone style slices
    • This is the first time we tried Daiya’s provolone slices, and they taste incredibly close to provolone cheese.
  • Tofurky Oven Roasted Deli Slices
  • Tofurky Peppered Deli Slices
  • Garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder, and italian seasoning.

It turned out so delicious. Having a pizza or stromboli every Saturday night was a tradition with my family growing up. It’s so nice and comforting to be able to easily veganize old recipes. You don’t give up anything going vegan, you just have to change what you buy (vegan cheese instead of dairy cheese, veggie meat instead of deli meat). Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

mediocre sushi // my first YouTube video

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I finally made my first YouTube video! It shows the process of how I make sushi at home. I eat sushi so much more often now than before I went vegan and it wasn’t until I went vegan that I started making it at home. It’s so easy to make and really cheap. Here’s the written recipe for the video.

I used about 1/2 cup of white rice for each roll. That’s one reason I called this mediocre sushi, I didn’t even use sushi rice.

Chickpea salad: 

  • 1 can of chickpeas
  • 3 tbsp classic hummus
  • black pepper
  • cayenne pepper
  • garlic powder
  • paprika
  • thyme
  • nutritional yeast

Just blend it enough so it’s all combined but still a bit chunky.

Creamy hummus sauce:

  • hummus
  • a tiny splash of water just to thin it out.

I also topped the sushi with some sriracha and sesame seeds (pro tip: add the sesame seeds after you add the sauce so they stick and don’t bounce all over the floor. Also maybe don’t drop them from above for cinematic effect either).

I grew up watching YouTube and I’ve always wanted to start posting videos of my own. I had a lot of fun editing this video and I can’t wait to post more in the future. Let me know your guys’ thoughts in the comments! ♡