What I Eat in a Day // spend the day with us

The tree outside our apartment was sprouting leaves on its trunk.

Today was a really great day and I wanted to document it.

For breakfast I had a tofu scramble burrito before I had to head to my infusion. I scrambled the tofu with black pepper, paprika, cayenne powder, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and onion powder. I mixed it with hummus and had it in a tortilla with some Go Veggie vegan cream cheese and Texas Pete hot sauce. I just love tofu scramble burritos and love to make them for myself on my days off.

I had my infusion in a different town than usual, and afterwards while heading home we passed by a Trader Joe’s. We stopped by to pick up some snacks for the day and I left with a succulent.

I just want to have a forest in our home.

We were hungry so we also stopped by Snap Kitchen to eat lunch on the way home. I had the creamy mushroom fusilli. It had spinach, peas, and sundried tomatoes in it and it was so good. I also had a sparkling green tea.

Here’s some of the snacks we picked up from Trader Joe’s:


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Those cookies were amazing. Trader Joe’s always surprises us with how many vegan treats they have. We also bought some avocado oil and pink himalayan salt popcorn but that wasn’t that great.

We watched One Hour Photo while we ate dinner. It’s been on my watch list for awhile and we finally sat down to watch it. It was really good and I loved the colors in the film. We also picked up some vegan tamales and enchiladas from a Tex-Mex restaurant that we discovered is right across the street from us. We added some Daiya cheddar style shreds to the black beans too.

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The picture does not do it justice, it tasted delicious!

Today was a very chill day for us.

What I eat in a day // getting back on track after traveling

My family and I went on a trip recently to Phoenix. We’re back home now, and after eating out for every meal (and eating way too much at Whole Foods) I’m definitely not feeling great. Here’s a quick what I ate today post of me trying to be healthy but also not really wanting to cook since I’m back at work too.

Breakfast pt. 1: a smoothie.

This morning I blended together

  • 1 cup cashew milk
  • 2/3 cup water
  • 1 cup frozen chopped kale
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 scoop Vanilla protein powder from Vega.

Breakfast pt. 2: a burrito.

DJ made some fried rice last night, so I made a lazy breakfast burrito (I was running late to work) with the leftover rice, a slice of Chao vegan cheese, and Tofurky sausage. I also loaded it with Taco Bell’s diablo sauce.

Lunch: more leftover fried rice with spinach and kale.

Since we just got back and we don’t have a large selection of food to choose from just yet, I ate some more of that leftover fried rice with LOTS of spinach and kale for lunch. It was about 1/2 cup rice to 1 cup spinach and kale.

Dinner: potatoes.

I love eating just potatoes and greens for dinner, so I did just that when I got home from work (except for the greens, because it was really late). I threw some sliced potatoes in the oven and DJ had made a ranchero sauce earlier that day, so I had some of that on the side. He made the sauce with two habanero peppers, two anaheim peppers, one green pepper, some radish slices, a block of tofu, two cloves garlic, cashew milk, vegan protein broth, and a slice or two of Chao vegan cheese. He didn’t measure anything, but we’ll have a written recipe up fairly soon. We’re going to use it on enchiladas later today.

That’s everything I ate this day. Most of it was just what we had leftover in the fridge and freezer and what could be put together quickly. What are your go-to healthy and quick meals? Let me know in the comments!

Our vegan Christmas.

We are so grateful to all of our friends and family that made the holidays easy for us this year, and gave us so many amazing vegan meals and treats.

First off, we were gifted three vegan cookbooks! Expect reviews soon, because we are so excited to try these decadent recipes out.

We also received lots of snacks, including dried fruit, nuts, and vegan cakes!

Christmas Eve:

The main course was a veggie lasagna with mushrooms, spinach, and vegan cheese. All of the sides, which were veggies and potatoes, were all vegan too and made with Earth Balance butter. Here’s a photo of the leftover lasagna:

Christmas Day:

My mom made us a baked ziti, which had ziti, daiya cheese, tofu ricotta (recipe is here), Tofurky Italian sausage, and gardein meatballs. We had some bread with Earth Balance butter too on the side.

For dessert we had a vegan cherry pie made with cherry pie filling and a vegan pie crust that was also accidentally vegan:

That’s everything we ate on Christmas! These last few weeks have been so stressful and exhausting, but 2018 is finally coming to an end. Expect lots of new vegan recipes and vlogs coming in 2019.

What I ate today // vegan junk food

Here’s a quick what I eat in a day post! It was my mom’s birthday and DJ and I had lots of really yummy vegan food.

We started the day out with some vegan donuts. We planned on bringing a half dozen to my parent’s house but ended up with nine and some donut holes. There’s a place near our apartment called Fresh Morning Donuts that started making vegan donuts and vegan breakfast burritos along with their non-vegan selection, and they’re some of the best donuts I’ve had.

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We also picked up some vegan breakfast burritos because we couldn’t resist and I had a half of a leftover vegan Philly Cheesesteak from Spiral Diner.

We also snacked on some pretzels and hummus.

And the wine my parents picked up also happened to be vegan according to Vegaholic.

For dinner my dad grilled us some asparagus, Boca chik’n burgers with Daiya cheese, and some baked sweet potatoes. They also had Earth Balance butter in the fridge so I added some to my sweet potato.

For dessert we made a homemade vegan vanilla layered cake. This is the recipe we used from AllRecipes.com. This is our go-to for birthdays because it’s so easy to make, and it’s so delicious and fluffy.

That’s everything we ate! Even though my parents aren’t vegan we ate lots of vegan treats and they enjoyed the vegan desserts too.

What I ate today // cosy winter treats

Today was my day off, plus with the holiday season upon us and the changing weather I’ve been sick lately. This time I’m not alone though, and DJ has joined me this cold season. We got our sick butts off the couch and decided to make some tasty treats.

Brunch: tofu scramble with daiya cheddar cheese, waffles, Boca chick’n, and hashbrowns.

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The only thing I had to make was the tofu scramble, and I threw everything else in the oven.

Dinner: leftover soup with pasta and dumplings (I forgot to take a photo of the dumplings).

I remember as a kid having this pasta in soups when I was sick, so I figured it would be the best pasta to cure us. I added the cooked pasta to some leftover soup DJ made a few days ago. He threw together a bunch of stuff we had in the fridge and freezer, including vegetable broth, corn, tomatoes, spinach, onions, and green lentils.


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I had a cup of this with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.

Winco brand Apple Jacks:

With cashew milk.

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That’s everything I ate today during a super lazy day at home. More winter treats and comfort food will be posted soon!

A Vegan Thanksgiving // what I ate today


I ate a ton of vegan treats on Thanksgiving and I wanted to share it with you guys. Here’s everything I ate this weekend:

The day before Thanksgiving: 

We made most of the food on Wednesday so we wouldn’t have to worry about it on Thanksgiving. For the main dish we made a vegan lasagna with homemade tofu ricotta, Daiya Mozzarella shreds, Boca veggie crumbles, and Tofurky Italian sausage. The recipe for the tofu ricotta is on this blog post that I made last year.

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We also made a vegan apple pie that night too. We found a gluten free crust at Kroger that happened to also be vegan, and mixed together chopped apples, flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and lemon juice.

That night we also wanted to try a new So Delicious ice cream flavor after all of our hard work (plus the self control it took not to snack on the lasagna and apple pie), so we had a little bit of that for dessert. It was a lot creamier than I thought it would be. I figured since it was blueberry flavored it would be a sorbet, but instead it was so creamy and so delicious.


We started the day off with a late afternoon cheese platter. We’ve almost always had one for every holiday, so it’s nice that I can make my own vegan version to have.

I made this one with Miyoko’s Creamery vegan mozz, Lightlife veggie deli slices (White bean + kale and Chickpea + red pepper), Chao Creamy Original slices, Treeline Treenut cheese, and Go Veggie cream cheese. We also had some bread on the side including sourdough bread and bagel thins.

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A few hours later we had dinner. My plate included sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes made with cashew milk and earth balance butter, cranberries, broccoli, spinach, and rutabagas also with vegan butter. I also drank some Harvest Pumpkin Ale from Blue Moon, which is also vegan according to the app Vegaholic.

Finally, the dessert. The pie we made the night before was amazing. I also had a scoop of So Delicious’ Vanilla cashew milk ice cream on the side.

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That’s everything I ate on Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for my family that helps us make amazing vegan food on the holidays and tries some too! ♡

What I Ate Today // vegan food and vlogging.

I uploaded a YouTube video today! It’s another What I Eat in a Day video, plus a few clips of us picking up Let’s Go, Pikachu at the end. Here’s a written version for some of the recipes.

Breakfast: chocolate and blueberry pancakes. 

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Here’s the recipe I based them off of: Blueberry Vegan Pancakes.

I halved the recipe since it was just for me, added about 2tbsp of cocoa powder, and I made a quick oat milk since we’re out of milk. I made it by blending 1/4 cup of oats and about 3/4 cup of water. I didn’t strain it or anything since it was just going into the batter. I also didn’t use sunflower oil; instead I used 2tbsp flax seed meal and 3 tbsp water, and I had to add a little water to the batter because mine turned out really thick.

Lunch: white rice, dumplings, and spinach. 

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I’ve made these before on this blog, and I just love them. These are some dumplings that you just have to pan fry and add water to steam. I ate five of those with some spinach and white rice.

Dinner: Tofu scramble on toast with more spinach. 

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I had some leftover tofu scramble that I made into an “egg salad” with lots of hummus and spinach.

I also ate a few snacks throughout the day. Check out the video above to see them and subscribe if you like my videos: ParanoidNoAndroid.

What I eat in a day when I’m sick // vegan and lazy meals.

It’s that time of year. I have been sick again for the past few days (immunosuppressant medications whoo!) so I wanted to throw out a quick sequel to What I Eat in a Day When I’m Sick (Part 1 is here).

Before I get into this post I also wanted to mention that I have a YouTube channel. Check it out here. I post a lot of What I Eat in a Day videos and recipes, but I’ll probably start making vlogs and I will be doing vlogmas this year.

I’m not even going to separate this into breakfast, lunch, and dinner, because I just kind of ate a lot of really small meals throughout the day.

I started the day off with two clementines.

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Then, I ate some leftover Mujaddara (brown rice, green lentils, onions, and vegetable broth) 

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DJ made this the other day for dinner using this recipe from Budget Bytes. I added some veggie stock and water this morning to turn it into a soup. This is so not photogenic, but it was really hearty and nice to have.

Then I had a little plate of leftover macaroni salad (vegenaise, green peppers, onions, and some spices)

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and then a burrito of the leftover mujaddara. I also added hot sauce and a few drops of soy sauce.

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For dinner we ate some leftover Pasta Fagioli. 

We went over to my parents’ house last night for dinner, and my mom made us a big pot of Pasta Fagioli since we both weren’t feeling well. She veganized her recipe she’s always made for us and used Tofurky veggie sausages and vegetable broth instead of sausage and beef stock. This is also the perfect slow cooker meal for sick days or just cold winter days. I found this recipe from Pasta Based that looked simple plus it’s already vegan.

And then I snacked on some candy and dark chocolate while we watched Netflix.

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That’s everything I ate today. Today was a super chill day at home, and my meals definitely reflected that.

What I Ate on Halloween // vegan

Before I get into this post I just wanted to say that I do have a YouTube channel. Check out my latest What I Eat in a Day here: What I Eat in a Day (VEGAN) // #3

I worked on Halloween, but I still ate a good amount of pumpkin and junk food today.

Breakfast: Pumpkin pie oatmeal with chia seeds, cashew butter, blueberries, and dried cranberries. I used 1/2 cup of oats, about 1/3 cup of canned pumpkin, and pumpkin pie spice (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger) for the base. I microwaved the oats with some water (enough to coat the oats) for 1:30, then added the pumpkin and pumpkin pie spice and microwaved it for another 1:00. I mixed in about 1tbsp of chia seeds once it was done cooking and served it with frozen blueberries, cashew butter, dried cranberries, and more cinnamon to top it with.

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Lunch: Elbow macaroni, leftover chickpea curry (recipe here), hummus, and grilled mushrooms, onions, and zucchini.

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Dinner: I got home from work late last night, so we just ordered a pizza from Papa John’s. We ordered it with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers, plus I picked up some Daiya cheese from Winco (they only had the cheddar slices in stock!) and a package of Morning Star Veggie Buffalo Wings. I also picked up some dark chocolate, Swedish Fish, and Sour Patch Kids since it was Halloween and we snacked on that while watching scary movies. Here’s a picture of the pizza the next morning:


That’s everything I ate on Halloween. I hope you all had a happy Halloween! Let me know how you guys celebrated in the comments. ♡