The Healthy Ghost: simple vegan recipes.



I wanted to start this blog to document my life as a vegan who is also struggling with rheumatoid arthritis. The main reason I’m vegan and always will be is for the animals, but a vegan lifestyle has also helped my symptoms since my diagnosis back in December of 2016. I became vegan in April of 2017 after being vegetarian for 7 months. In the past I’ve written on a few blogs and met some amazing people through blogger, so I figured this would be a good outlet to document my journey.

I love cooking, but I like to keep my meals simple. I love making crazy recipes, but some nights I’ll just eat potatoes with ketchup, like I am tonight while creating this site.  I want to show how easy it is to be vegan, especially on a budget, and keep an online diary of my journey. Here’s some of the meals I’ve posted on my Instagram:


Another reason for this blog is to allow me to be more creative and to supplement what I post on my Instagram, @healthy_ghost. This is where I will be posting full recipes to some of the meals I photograph. I would also like to make raw food recipes more often and create recipes for a raw vegan lifestyle. This would be a good place to post my experiences with that and how it affects my RA.

Thanks for stopping by! Expect posts every Tuesday and Friday. ♡