What we’ll be making for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this week, and we’ll be making tons of food the next few days. Here’s what we’ll be eating for our vegan Thanksgiving:

Lasagna with tofu ricotta “cheese”.

I’ve made lasagnas for the past few holidays since they’re so easy to make and easy to customize. We’ll be making one with a homemade tofu ricotta “cheese”, veggie meats, Daiya mozzarella cheese, and homemade tomato sauce. Here’s the recipe I’m basing it off of from a blog post from last year.


A cheese platter for a starter.

For holidays we always put a cheese platter out. I plan on getting some Chao cheeses and Miyoko’s creamery mozzarella cheese. I may even pick up some veggie salami if I can find it or Tofurky deli slices.


(This is a small platter we had last year with Chao original creamy cheese, Yves quinoa balls, and Ritz crackers. Plus Yellow Tail is vegan too!)

Lots of side dishes.

My mom will be making all of the sides vegan for us. We’ll have some mashed potatoes with cashew milk and earth balance butter plus veggies and sweet potatoes.

Homemade apple pie.

We’ll be veganizing my mom’s apple pie recipe! There are tons of recipes for apple pie on Pinterest, and it’s super easy to veganize with earth balance vegan butter and a vegan crust.

I will post photos of everything we ate on Friday. Hope everyone that celebrates has a happy Thanksgiving! Try to have some vegan options to save the turkeys!

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