top 10 for September // September Playlist


Here’s a new playlist for the month of September. Check out the full playlist at the bottom of this post and let me know what you guys have been listening to lately in the comments or on my Instagram: healthy_ghost.

  • Voxtrot – Ghost
    • I recently discovered them and have been listening to this album on repeat. I also love listening to indie pop while walking places; I listened to this album while I was walking to the grocery store last week. The lyrics are haunting, contrasting the instrumentals. Definitely check this album out.
  • IAN SWEET – Slime Time Live
    • I listened to this album the other night while I was making dinner for some friends. For me this is a fun, relaxing album to listen to.
  • Palehound – If You Met Her
    • An album that’s lyrically and instrumentally beautiful.
  • Foxing – Den Mother
    • Another band I’ve discovered recently. I love the percussion in this song, plus I love a good album with some strings in the background.
  • Archy Marshall – Ammi Ammi
    • I’ve been listening to King Krule (and when he was formerly known as Zoo Kid in 2010) for the past few years, and just discovered this album under his name, Archy Marshall. This one’s a lot more experimental than his other albums.
  • Mitski – Francis Forever
    • Mitski has become one of my favorite musicians recently. Her lyrics are sad and beautiful, and the album as a whole is wonderful.
  • Death Cab for Cutie – I Dreamt We Spoke Again
    • I’m a month late to listening to this album, but I’m glad I finally did. I’ve loved Death Cab for Cutie since high school, and it’s amazing they’re on their ninth studio album and they’ve grown so much.
  • Department of Eagles – Phantom Other
    • I listened to Grizzly Bear in high school and even went to their concert with Owen Pallett a few years back. This album just reminds me of cold winter nights in the woods.
  • Radiohead – Spectre
    • I’ve been getting back into Radiohead lately, especially since Suspiria and the soundtrack for it is coming out soon.
  • Keaton Henson – The Pugilist
    • Keaton Henson is another one of my favorite singers. His songs are all so full of emotion. I missed this album when it came out, but discovered it while looking him up on Spotify. This is the perfect album to listen to while home at night and it’s storming outside.

Check out August’s playlist here.


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