what I eat in a day when I’m sick // vegan

Today I woke up feeling really sick with a fever. I wanted to make some delicious meals that were packed with nutrients to help me feel better. I also wanted to spend more time in the kitchen since I don’t feel like I’ve made a proper meal in a long time. For the past few weeks my meals have been quick and easy, but today I wanted to treat myself with some recipes that would fuel me and make me feel better.

We went grocery shopping this morning to pick up a few things to cook today, plus a kombucha hoping it would help my stomach.

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When we got back home I wanted to have a savory breakfast. I made some protein pancakes based off this recipe. They weren’t the prettiest, but they were really filling and full of protein. Plus they were gluten-free, which I think helps my body when I’m sick and achy with flareups.

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While we were picking up groceries from Sprouts we found some vegan ravioli, which I had to try. I haven’t had ravioli in so long, plus we’ve tried products from LightLife before and have never been disappointed. These are the vegan sausage ravioli and they were so delicious! This was definitely a treat for today.

For dinner I wanted to make a quick and easy soup. I modified this recipe by using low fat coconut milk, green lentils instead of red (we couldn’t find red lentils while we were out), lots of curry powder, black pepper, garlic powder, and spinach. I highly recommend trying this recipe out, it turned out really good and it’s easy to customize to your taste. I decided halfway through cooking I wanted a spicy curry and it was still really good, but you could make it into a soup or make it thick like mine was. I also added lots of ginger so it had some extra zest.



That’s everything I ate today while I was home sick. Let me know what you guys like to eat when you’re sick and what your favorite comfort foods are in the comments.

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