Vegan travel log // Phoenix, AZ

Last week my family and I took an unplanned trip to Phoenix. Here’s what I ate on the 15 hour car ride and while we were there for the week.

For breakfast during the week I had lots of fruit. I bought a bunch of bananas the first day we were on the road and snacked on some apples, peanut butter, and bananas. Having lots of snacks also helped to keep me full. Dried mango is one of my favorite snacks and I made sure to have plenty for the trip.

We also bought some pre-packaged oatmeal a few days after we arrived which had chia seeds and dried cranberries in it. It was easy to make in the hotel lobby; all I had to do was add some hot water and let it stand for a minute or two, then topped it with a banana. It was great to have since I couldn’t eat anything that the hotel provided for breakfast.

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There was a Whole Foods two minutes from the hotel so for most nights we would bring some meals back to the hotel since everyone could get something they wanted. This was a lot cheaper than eating out at restaurants every night, plus it was a lot more convenient. I mostly ate EatGud meals, including their jackfruit wrap and falafel wrap. They had a ton of other vegan treats too, like some veggie potstickers and mochi.

One night for dinner we checked out the Loving Hut in Phoenix. Loving Hut is one of our favorite places to go when we’re near Addison so I wanted to try out the one in Arizona. Everyone liked it and the food was great. I ordered the Chow Fun and my parents had the Loving Hut Burger and the Spicy Cha Cha.

I also had to make up my own meals from the menu from a few places (this was just some veggies and rice):

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Taco Bell and Subway were also really convenient to stop at since they have so many vegan options compared to other fast food restaurants. At Subway I always get the Italian bread and I load it with veggies and mustard. Taco Bell is super easy too. My go-to orders are either a bean burrito fresco style (no sour cream and no cheese) or a Crunchwrap Supreme (substitute beans for beef, and also make it fresco style. Adding potatoes or guacamole is really good too). It’s so easy to customize your order so we stopped at these places a few times.

The past few road trips we’ve been on since being vegan have been pretty easy. Bringing our own snacks helps a lot and tons of restaurants have vegan options now. Let me know what your go-to tips for traveling while vegan are in the comments!


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