what we ate today // vegan birthday

DJ’s birthday was this past Sunday and I wanted to treat him to a day full of delicious vegan food.

We both ate an everything bagel with treenut cheese for breakfast (we use the Treeline brand and we buy it at our local Kroger). I recommend adding nutritional yeast too, but we didn’t have any at the house we were staying at.


I had to go into work for a few hours, so I had some avocado and more nut cheese on two mini bagels for lunch (this was all we had at the house and I didn’t want to buy lunch, I wouldn’t normally eat bagels for two meals of the day). I topped the avocado with garlic powder, black pepper, and cayenne pepper.


Once I got off from work we went to Spiral Diner in Denton, TX for dinner. Their Blue Plate Special for this month is the Beyond Burger with different variations. I got the Ghost Burger, which is topped with cream cheese, spinach, fried onions, and Moore Jam’s pineapple-ghost pepper jam and DJ got the Double Melt which had grilled cheese for bread and a milkshake.



This was our first time trying the Beyond Burger, and I was surprised at how realistic the patty looked. It was really good too! I loved the combination of cream cheese and jam with the burger. It was nice going out with friends and getting burgers and milkshakes; something we haven’t done in over a year.

For his birthday cake I baked him a strawberry cake and dyed the inside blue. This is the recipe I used. It was quick and easy to make and had a strong strawberry flavor which is exactly what he wanted.


And here’s the frosting I used:

This is definitely not a healthy day of eating, but this isn’t how we eat everyday. We had a fun, food-filled day with lots of yummy vegan treats. Let me know what foods you guys like to treat yourself with on special days in the comments below!

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