how we make tofu scramble

One of our go-to breakfasts on our days off is tofu scramble, either on sandwiches, tacos, bagels, or by itself. Sometimes we’ll cover it in vegetables and vegan cheese, and sometimes we’ll add hummus to give it a “cheesy” texture and consistency. Here’s what we did today:

We made the tofu like normal, scrambling it up to look like “eggs” and adding spinach.  Our go-to spices are garlic powder, black pepper, turmeric, cumin, chili powder, and nutritional yeast. I personally don’t add salt when I cook because I’m sensitive to salt, but it would also be good with some added salt.

When I order a tofu scramble out it is usually watery, but when I make it at home I like to cook all of the water out (like you would with eggs). We added in a few handfuls of spinach since we’re still on our new, healthy year kick, and we had some leftover cauliflower “cheese” from a mac and cheese we made, so we coated it in that.


My mom used to make eggs with waffles or pancakes, cover the eggs in cheese, and I would add maple syrup to both. It’s a strange combo, but I liked the sweetness combined with the savory flavors. This is what I tried recreating today with these vegan waffles we found at Kroger. I topped them with a tiny bit of earth balance butter and blue agave nectar.

Another way I like tofu scramble is to mix it with some mashed avocado to mimic an egg salad sandwich. I always try to add in spinach or any other vegetables we have in the fridge to get in some extra greens for the day.


Pairing the tofu with a veggie sausage is also delicious. One of our favorites is the Field Roast smoked apple sage sausage. We’ll also use either Chao or Daiya cheese, depending on what we have on hand.


That’s how we make our tofu scrambles. It’s a favorite of ours to make when we have the time, plus there are so many different ways to make it. Let me know in the comments what’s your favorite way to make tofu, or what your favorite breakfast is if you’re not a fan of tofu.

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