Vegan sushi and creamy pasta // What I ate today 12.29.17

I’m trying to get back into healthy habits after a few weeks of not preparing meals and honestly just being lazy. I try not to count calories because when I do I get back into my old habits of restricting and craving junk food, and eating a healthy plant-based diet is a great way to not worry about how much I’m eating and eat until I’m full. Here’s what I ate today while trying to get back on track.

Breakfast: vegan tacos made out of random ingredients we had in the kitchen. This included onions, white beans, black beans, potatoes, and mushrooms. I topped it with some dried parsley and hot sauce:

IMG_5982 (1)

I had a little bit of leftover alfredo sauce from a few days ago, so for lunch I used the rest of it and added hummus and cashew milk for a rich and creamy pasta sauce. I boiled some pasta and threw in spinach and peas for added greens and topped it with crushed red pepper flakes:

IMG_5992 (1)

For dinner I made homemade sushi. Sushi is one of my favorite meals to make. I thought I would have to give it up once I was vegan but I was wrong! I eat it more now than I ever have. I made one roll with spinach and avocado and the other with spinach and Gardein Sweet and Sour Porkless bites. This was our first time trying the porkless bites, and we would highly recommend them. The Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n is also really good. We made them for some non-vegan friends that came over for dinner and they loved them. I made a creamy sauce to drizzle on top of the sushi that I made out of roasted red pepper hummus, a bit of water to make it more like a sauce, and a bit of hot sauce.


That was all I ate today as my first day getting back on track with healthy habits. Eating a plant-based diet makes it really easy to stay on track without feeling the need to restrict. The beginning of January will mark our one year of starting our vegan journey, and we couldn’t feel any happier or healthier. This lifestyle has helped both of us tremendously. We hope to continue sharing our easy vegan meals all throughout 2018.

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